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Over a Decade of Experience In Providing Tax and Accounting Services.

First established in 2001 to support the growing border community of professionals working between Detroit and Windsor, SB Tax & Accounting Services now works with many Canadian professionals throughout North America. 

We specialize in guidance, support, and handling financial and tax-related matters. With our extensive experience, SB Tax & Accounting Services will bring forward customized solutions to your individual needs and concerns. Whether you are a software developer, medical professional, trade specialist, or a small business owner, we will explore all options and return to you the most value from your taxes. 

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1747 University Ave. W, Windsor, ON  N9B1C5  CANADA


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Areas of Practice

TAX RETURNs FOR Canadians Working in USA

Consultations and tax preparations for Canadians holding TN, H1b, and other visas while working and residing in the US. For convenience, we offer our services over the phone and via online correspondence for clients who are not in Canada.

Ensure maximum refund and a minimum tax burden

Explore all of your possible options available to you to get the highest possible tax refund and pay the lowest tax amount within the jurisdiction of the most recent income tax laws.

Tax preparations for US citizens working in Canada

Consultations and tax preparations for US citizens holding TN and/or other appropriate visas, whether you are a small business owner, long haul truck driver, medical professional, or a software developer working in Canada.

representation to the CRA or IRS

Resolve all kinds of pre- and post-tax reviews conducted by the CRA or IRS on your behalf, with signed authorization from you accepted by the appropriate tax agency.

Corporation and business taxes

Financial statements such as balance sheets (B/S) and income statements (I/S) for small corporation and business owners by organizing your business' income and expenses.

We can also help file your corporate tax returns by paper and/or electronic submission.


Know what you own, and know why you own it.
— Peter Lynch


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